1. O My Fathers

From the recording The Midnight Commander

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Someone clever once said
Women were not allowed pockets
In case they carried leaflets
To spread sedition
Which means unrest
To you & me
A grandiose word
For commonsense
So ladies, start sewing
Dangerous coats
Made of pockets & sedition
by Sharon Owens


My fathers, O my fathers
the seeds that you have sown
Made your war across the sea
And then you brought it home
So all the children suffer
For the gold that you have sought
It's not against your freedom
But your greed that I have fought

What's going on...

My fathers, O my fathers
I will now condemn
Your hatred of my mothers
Of my sisters and my friends
Your imaginary demons
woman, black or queer
Your manufactured outrage
Against your shadow fear

What's going on...

My fathers, O my fathers
I am a straight white man
But the reins of power that you hold
I will not take in hand
I reject the lies you've written
I reject the works you've wrought
I reject your profit margins
For love cannot be bought

O my mothers, wear your dangerous coats
O my sisters, wear your dangerous coats
O my lovers, wear your dangerous coats
with pockets full of love

My fathers, O my fathers
I declare your time is done
Nothing will I take from you
Although I am your son
My hands are for my lovers
For green and growing things
My time is meant for laughter
And the songs that children sing

O my fathers...