From the recording The Midnight Commander

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There's a house about Kirk Michael, out upon the Irish Sea
Where it's written on the doorways, where the windows used to be
That all who come inside, will be tucked in for a lovely evening tea

There's a house about Kirk Michael, and it's tilted on its side
Drunk upon the tempest, surrounded by the tides
But solid of Byzantium, where candled windows and the dark collide

There's a house about Kirk Michael, and it's full of sleepy bears
And a dozen shabby tigers, who pounce upon the stairs
While out along the widow's walk, Joe Strummer singing with the Mescalers

And well about Kirk Michael, is a child who loves the dogs
And one who plants her flowers, from the garden catalogs
And one who builds her dragons hidden softly in the heavy autumn fogs

Only heroes dare the kitchens
Pies and puddings on the walls and floor
It's my favorite mystery
These pages of our history

There's a house about Kirk Michael, and in it I will die
I'll leave it for the children, with the windows open wide
Those poets and their patchwork quilted boats to set them free
These fragments have I shored against my ruin
And love shall not be lost, in that summer-flower house beside the sea