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ATHENA AND THE FISHER KING - a modern coming of the Grail Knight

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I'm not sure why the Fisher King and Athena are both favorites of mine. They just are. Being married to a nurse practitioner, however, does contribute to the understanding of hospital dynamics and the odd bit of literary gore.


Kray Van Kirk
(c) Midnight Commander Music

The night shift
Forgotten coffee long gone cold
They brought him in at 2 a.m.
Blood upon his clothes
She cut him open
Sewed him up
Then to the ICU
Then tried to find her coffee while her pager sang the blues

But the next day
The river red was bright and bold
So in she went to try again
and make the sutures hold
with flashing scalpel,
magic healing brew
well at least you could stop bleeding after all I've done for you

And so the story goes
As I have heard it told
It happened not so very long ago
The patient sleeping soundly
The bleeding bleeding on
The mystery of where her coffee cup had gone

A conference
The best and brightest by the bed
They read the chart, checked the patient
then they shook their heads
We cannot now
the course that this will take
Consult the books and oracles to see if he will wake

And so her quest
to find a proper final cure
To cauterize the dreadful wound
and make it heal for sure
But nothing worked and add to that
her favorite mug was lost
insurance did the usual and covered not the cost

Such was never seen before
A thing she could not heal
An injury for which she had no clue
She raged into his room one night
threw her hands into the air
Just what am I supposed to do for you?

He sat up
And the missing cup was in his hand
This thing has been a pain in my ass since I came to this land
Oh come with me and be my love
It's the least that I can do
My castle hidden in the mists
waits for me and you

and she cried: Hold the phone
I'm not that kind of girl
Not for me to sit beside the fire
I've a timeshare in the islands
come let your blood run high
forgotten but immortal Greece abides

So for Summers in the British fog, winters by the wine dark sea
they leapt into a sunrise sky

Amidst the flood of blades and blood love was just the thing
For Athena and the Fisher King.